MAREMI TREJD Kumanovo is a company founded in May 1995.It was founded as Limited Liability Company (sole proprietorship). The main business activity at the time of its establishment was wholesale and retail trade mainly through import or export of goods.


As an additional activity in 2001, MAREMI TREJD started to develop and produce parts for solid fuel cookers. In addition to the production of the previously mentioned parts we perform a galvanic protection.


In 2006, MAREMI TREJD started leasing/renting business premises after previously appearing as an investor in two building projects. Since 2013, it has expanded its product range by making grilles for electric cookers and chrome metal fittings for solid fuel and pellet stoves.


In 2019, the company acquires a new organisational structure and is renamed from MAREMI TREJD Dooel into MAREMI TREJD Doo. With a desire for growth, the company starts producing solid fuel cookers with its own brand “MT”.

MAREMI TREJD employs 20 people with varying degrees of education and experience.
At the moment MAREMI TREJD has 4,500 m2 of closed storage space, 1,600 m2 of open space and 440 m2 of office space.  Also MAREMI TREJD has its own logistics network.


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